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Tulsa Geothermal Energy

We work in all of Oklahoma with HVAC companies, builders, homeowner and contractors to provide professional and qualified geothermal installation services.

Geothermal energy simply harnesses the natural resources of geothermal heat and redirects it to heat and cool your Tulsa home. The Oklahoma climate is an extreme one, with high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures. But while the weather changes in Tulsa are drastic throughout the year, these temperature changes are only noticeable in the air. Temperatures below ground, in the Oklahoma soil, hover at an average of about 50°F even during the desert like temperatures of the summer and the arctic like temperatures of the winter. Geothermal energy systems harness this underground heat and in conjunction with a geothermal underground heat pump installed in your home and an underground pipe system, funnel this energy source into your home to either heat or cool it. Because this source of geothermal energy is free (once the initial system is installed), this is a very economical way to heat and cool your home during the extreme winter and summer months and can save you a bundle in energy costs.   This new energy technology is comparable to a traditional HVAC cooling and heating system, which treats and distributes warm or cool air throughout your home, except a geothermal energy system uses the heat (or energy) from the ground to keep your home moderate all year round.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Very Quiet
  • Clean and Safe
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • Comfort Quality

Geothermal Water Heaters

A geothermal water heater can be installed with a desuperheater as a cost saving alternative option to a traditional hot water tank for your Tulsa home.

Geothermal Driveways & Walkways

We can install a radiant heat snowmelt system that can easily connect to a geothermal heat pump system.