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Geothermal / Radiant Heat Driveways

A radiant heat driveway can be a real advantage during an Oklahoma winter storm, when plenty of snow or ice can accumulate on your driveways or walkways, making it treacherous to come and go from your Tulsa home and a real effort to clear by shoveling. A radiant heat driveway snowmelt system takes the labor out of clearing your driveway and can make your commute to the car much safer. A radiant heat driveway clearing system uses a closed-loop tube system beneath the pavement or asphalt that sends heat to the concrete surface, melting snow or ice. The concrete is filled with sensors that activate the radiant heating/snow melt system once surface temperatures reach below freezing (and if precipitation is occurring). These sensors allow for the system to be utilized only when needed, making it highly efficient. The radiant heat snowmelt system is easily connectible to a geothermal heat pump system.