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Geothermal Heating

A geothermal water heater can be installed with a desuperheater as a cost saving alternative option to a traditional hot water tank for your Tulsa home. A desuperheater is a separate system that transfers geothermal heat from the ground pipes directly to your hot water tank. The hot water generator’s circulating pump moves water through to the desuperheater and the process works much like the one for heating or cooling your home with geothermal heat. During winter months, the desuperheater heats the water by funneling heat from the earth (at the same time you’re heating your home). During summer months, the desuperheater heats the water with heat from inside your home (that’s being removed) in the process of cooling your home. Once the water has been heater, it gets circulated back into the hot water tank. This is an extremely cost effective way to manage hot water, especially during the summer months.